Aria Wong
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Aria Wong

Aria asks big-picture questions about everyday transportation experiences.

Aria designs strategies that make transportation systems and processes more accessible, navigable, and efficient. Her experience in public policy, administration, and transportation funding is grounded in a desire to create change that works for people. She strives to build strong relationships within and between organizations and decision-makers, telling visually compelling stories to demystify transportation policy and planning concepts. Alongside Oregon Metro, Aria coauthored the Equitable Transportation Funding Report, a research publication that revealed significant equity issues in the ways we fund transportation. This work continues to inform funding and investment decisions across the region.

Aria’s projects involve communicating priorities and tradeoffs to help communities and agencies make informed decisions that value both technical data and real, lived experiences on transportation. She has supported municipalities in visioning and delivering change at various levels, from bus stop installation projects to securing state and federal grant funding, from evaluating financial capacity to creating near-term strategies that respond to ridership and funding fluctuations.


B.S., Public Policy, University of Southern California