Jimi Mitchell
Ideas from Jimi Mitchell
Los Angeles

Jimi Mitchell

Associate Principal
Jimi believes improving access to mobility opportunities is vital to improving the quality of life of our communities.

Jimi has more than 17 years of experience in transit and transportation planning, with a focus on high-capacity transit (HCT) development and regional system planning. He has served as a project manager and task leader on several regional transit plans, corridor alternatives analysis studies, and HCT solutions for cities across the country. His record providing clients with technically sound plans and recommendations that result in buildable projects includes over 15 HCT corridor projects—8 of which have successfully completed, or are currently proceeding through, the FTA Capital Improvement Grant (CIG) process.

A graduate of the APTA Emerging Leaders Program class of 2017 and an internal equity/diversity/inclusion thought leader, Jimi brings creative, data-driven problem solving grounded in consideration of community-uplifting solutions that produce equitable mobility outcomes.  


B.S., Civil Engineering, Florida International University