Create great places and happy commutes.

Make your destination the place people want to be by helping them travel with less traffic—by foot, transit, ride-hail, and bike. Vibrant places make space for people, not just vehicles, so rethink parking and inspire residents and employees with better transportation amenities. We’ll help you match equitable mobility with sustainable land use and design to create places and commutes that spark joy.

We approach campus mobility with a simple guiding principle: put people first.

  • TDM Policy and Implementation
  • Parking Policy and Management
  • Workplace and Commuter Transportation Services
  • Campus Transportation Master Plans
    and Circulation Studies
  • Campus Bicycle Plans
  • TOD/District Mobility Planning and Design
  • Development Entitlement Support
    (PTDM and Traffic Analysis)
  • Transit and Shuttle Integration
  • First/Last-Mile and Transit Access Strategy
    and Design
  • Mobility Hub Planning and Implementation
  • Urban Design
  • Code Review
  • GIS and Analytic Dashboards/Tools
  • Visual Communications
  • Wayfinding

What our clients have to say

"Through partnership with Nelson\Nygaard and the Luum software, we've taken a holistic approach to commute program implementation. We've seen meaningful return on investment, including fiscal stewardship and increased employee satisfaction. We look forward to the continued evolution of the commute program."

- Expedia Group

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