Brynn Leopold
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Brynn Leopold

Senior Associate
Brynn designs multimodal transportation solutions to foster economic development and safer, healthier, and more vibrant communities.

Brynn aims to provide transportation choices and policy frameworks that support everyone, not just those within a car. Her broad expertise in multimodal street design, curbside management, transportation demand management, micromobility, and connections between land use and transportation is based in experience with both data-driven geospatial analysis and equitable community engagement strategies. Passionate about creating an environmentally responsible transportation system, she also brings a background in climate change adaptation.

Brynn's projects routinely address emerging transportation modes and business models, so community stakeholders and decision makers can see how historical frameworks can adapt to new dynamics. Brynn’s work requires conveying stories about balancing tradeoffs and priorities in visually compelling and informative narratives for diverse audiences. Brynn creates strategies and processes to improve quality of life and enhance access to economic opportunities in complicated environments. Her work has helped municipalities secure grant funding from federal and state agencies, helped transit agencies adjust park-and-ride pricing policies and prioritize bus stop access improvements, and install quick-build infrastructure improvements to respond to critical safety needs.  


M.C.P., University of Pennsylvania

M.U.S.A., Urban Spatial Analytics, University of Pennsylvania

B.A., Government, Cornell University