Christopher Forinash
Ideas from Christopher Forinash
Washington DC

Christopher Forinash

Cities and Streets Sector Co-Lead
Chris connects people to the places they love by creating more equitable access to healthy, sustainable mobility choices.

Chris has worked to improve urban transportation and development for more than 30 years, focusing on policies and plans to create sustainable, equitable communities. He contributed to early work on the environmental and other benefits of smart growth, changing parking policy, and reforming federal transportation funding. Chris is renowned for interpreting technical results legibly for policy-makers and the public. His projects connect to deep values of equity and sustainability, and they help make places that people love, thrive in, and move about safely and joyfully. Chris approaches all of his work by engaging with the community, analyzing their needs and options, and recommending practical changes. He has developed multimodal plans and designs at the site, neighborhood, city, and regional scale. He has led teams of more than 50 individuals and a dozen partner organizations, helping leaders from over 200 governments and private clients create and implement ambitious transportation, economic development, and environmental plans and projects. He served as chair of the Arlington County (VA) Planning Commission as it accelerated a successful transition from stagnant suburb to vibrant urban community.


M.S., Civil Engineering and Transportation, Northwestern University

B.S., Engineering, Duke University