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Clayton Lane

Northeast Regional Market Leader
Clayton is a global leader in sustainable transportation.

Clayton is a sustainable transport leader and city planner with 25 years of international experience implementing innovative approaches to address climate change and promote inclusive communities. Clayton has led numerous bus rapid transit (BRT), rail, TOD, shared mobility, and zero-emission bus projects and catalyzed innovative solutions internationally.

Clayton led two of world's top environmental and mobility think-tanks to shape best practice and implement precedent-setting projects in over 100 cities on 4 continents at ITDP (CEO) and WRI (COO EMBARQ and Co-Founder of WRI Cities). He founded highly successful PhillyCarShare from start-up to market leader, earning an EPA Environmental Achievement Award and Harvard Innovation finalist. Clayton successfully led global policy, sustainability, and strategic initiatives for micro-mobility pioneer Bird. He developed mobility consulting and tech start-up GoAscendal (C-level) to global presence spanning the Americas, Africa, and Asia. He led numerous high-quality multi-modal transportation studies as Lead Planner for Parsons Brinckerhoff, earning PB Planner of the Year.

A recognized thought leader, Clayton has overseen globally recognized guides including the BRT Standard, BRT Planning Guide, Equitable Transit Oriented Development Standard, Cities Safer By Design, Bike Share Planning Guide, and research on climate finance, traffic safety, and shared electric AVs. Clayton serves as Board Chair of Shared Use Mobility Center. He has lived abroad in Cape Town, Bogotá, and London.


M.C.P., Massachusetts Institute of Technology

M.S., Transportation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

B.S., Civil Engineering Systems, University of Pennsylvania