Elisabelle Gonzalez
Ideas from Elisabelle Gonzalez

Elisabelle Gonzalez

Associate Engineer
Elisabelle is dedicated to improving quality of life through sustainable transit.

Elisabelle uses engineering concepts and NACTO guidelines to create equitable designs for the communities in which she works. She is passionate about improving public transportation using an intersectional lens. She believes that people should have equal access to public transit and that transit should be designed around the people who use it.

With a background in civil engineering, Elisabelle uses her technical skills to help plan and design people-centric improvements. Elisabelle’s experience includes a group research project where she designed traffic calming concepts that followed NACTO and city standards, winning second place in the Oregon State University Capstone design competition.


B.S., Civil Engineering, Oregon State University

B.A., Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Oregon State University

B.A., Classical Music Performance on French Horn, Oregon State University