Glen Waters
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Glen Waters

Glen turns transit dreams into operational reality.

For more than 25 years, Glen has planned and implemented public transit services for bus and rail systems across the United States. He has conducted numerous comprehensive operations analyses and system redesigns, taking them from concept to street-ready reality. Glen’s exceptional ability to quickly assimilate an agency’s operating conditions and tailor his team’s approach to system design has been essential toward the successful implementation of his clients’ projects.

Glen has extensive scheduling and run-cutting experience using manual methods as well as TRAPEZE-FX and Blockbuster scheduling software. This mix of manual and computer-assisted scheduling experience has allowed him to grasp the mathematical principles of transit scheduling while employing technology to speed processes and outputs. Glen’s scheduling experience has given him the unique perspective of understanding the operational impacts of decisions made early in the system planning process, as well as corrective actions when those impacts have not been considered. Glen and his team have also provided day-to-day scheduling support for clients experiencing vacancies within their scheduling ranks.

Prior to consulting, Glen started his professional career planning school bus routes for Orange County Public Schools in Orlando, Florida. From there, he migrated to public transit scheduling and service planning at LYNX, eventually managing the service planning and scheduling division. The last stop on Glen’s public sector career was Atlanta Georgia's MARTA, where he managed the service planning and scheduling team for bus and rail, successfully planning and implementing several service restructuring efforts along the way.