San Francisco

Naomi Armenta

Naomi creates solutions and ideas that increase the mobility of people with disabilities, older adults, and underserved communities.

Naomi supports accessible transportation evaluations, programs, and implementation throughout the Bay Area and beyond. In addition to multiple needs assessments and community engagement opportunities, Naomi has worked on paratransit studies, shuttle and microtransit planning, TNC concierge programs, means-based fare programs, grant calls and writing, elevator mitigation plans, mobility management plans, pedestrian safety, and feasibility of securing wheelchairs in airplanes. Naomi provides expertise and cultural competence for underrepresented communities on a range of multimodal projects for Nelson\Nygaard.

Naomi believes her lived experience with disability and using a mobility device has led directly to her career in transportation. Not being able to get into just any car or any bus (pre-ADA), required her to find resources and develop creative solutions to get from Point A to Point B. Naomi grew up in Southern California, Oregon, and Hawaii, and as an adult traveled to Europe, Asia, and Africa—so she learned to enjoy the challenges of getting from point A to point B!


M.S., Transportation Management, Mineta Transportation Institute, San Jose State University

B.A., Anthropology and Psychology, University of California, Berkeley